J.C. Schütz & Johan Pettersson's Carnival Tale - A musical adaptation of Romeo and Juliet

About J.C. and Johan

Punch and Judy Show The authors J.C. Schütz and Johan Pettersson met at college where they both studied music. After graduating they started a pop'n'roll band called Punch and Judy Show, a name taken from the traditional British puppet theatre characters, together with friends Jimmy Welleby and Andreas Sjökvist. A few years after the band broke up they decided to put the songs together to a musical. A script inspired by Romeo and Juliet was written, the lyrics (originally in English) were translated into Swedish, but the idea was then put on ice.

12 years later they were offered to stage a premiere production at the Arbis Theatre in Norrköping by Artistic Director Robin Karlsson, a renowned make-up and hair designer in the Scandinavian Theatre and Opera scene. The setting was changed to a travelling carnival, Johan rewrote most of Act 2 and J.C. rewrote all lyrics to fit better into the new setting. Some new songs were written, such as Ain't Gettin' Anywhere and Give Me a Sign (a re-use of the Finale where the chorus and bridge were swapped around with new lyrics), while Such a Pleasure, from a scene which was not in the original show, as well as getting new lyrics, received a totally new verse melody. The closing number of Act 1 was originally written as an instrumental (called Variations of a Falling Vase), but received lyrics and definitely creates a strong ending to Act 1.

The sold-out opening performance, which took place on August 24, 2013, received a 10-minute standing ovation.

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Johan Pettersson

Johan Pettersson Johan Pettersson studied Theatre Pedagogy, and has been teaching at a Musical Theatre Secondary School programme, where he taught Acting, Theatre History and Projects for the Stage.

In 2008, the Arbis Theatre engaged Johan for his first role as Karl Gerhard in the musical about Zarah Leander. Continuing to work with the Arbis Theatre in productions like Me and My Girl, Showboat and La Cage aux Folles, he later had the opportunity to stage his own productions. He has directed runs of plays such as Condemned Property, Pariah, Easter, Motherly Love and Dial M for Murder and has acted in plays such as Closer.

In 2017, Johan wrote and directed the musical Mordet vid Stjärnesand (The Murder at Stjärnesand), based on the non-fiction novel by Johan Birath. The musical premiered in Folkets Park, Boxholm in August, 2017. Johan also releases music as a solo artist.


J.C. Schütz

J.C. Schütz Johan Christher Schütz is active as a songwriter and music producer. He released his first solo album Passion in 2004 and has since stayed true to his influences from latin and world music. His song Slow Down was the most played foreign song in Japanese radio during October 2011, and singers from Japan, Brazil, France, Portugal, Sweden and USA have recorded his songs.

In 2008 he entered the musical theatre world by a coincidence, when the Japanese musical theatre production company Takarazuka Revue (which stages large luxurious productions where all roles are played by women) translated his song Passion into Japanese for their show Passion: Ai no Tabi. Surprised by how suitable his music was for the theatre and how good it sounded when performed by a big orchestra, J.C. suddenly remembered what he said when he was living in London in the late 90's: "I want to write songs that resemble the way people speak."

Since 2016, J.C. is a permanent member of the BML musical theatre songwriting workshop in London, and in 2017 he received the Löf Foundation Culture Award.