I Love Waking Up Next To You
I Love Waking Up Next To You
My 15th single is released today on all digital platforms. Enjoy!

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Get the lyrics over here.


New single released this Friday!
I Love Waking Up Next To You
This Friday I'm releasing my first new solo song in 6 years! I Love Waking Up Next To You is a sensual soul track, and the first single from my coming 6th album, which will be my first solo album in 7 years. It will show me for the first time mainly accompanying myself on the piano instead of the guitar. I'm super excited!


Tivolisaga leads on Swedish radio P4
Tivolisaga - Original Swedish Cast Recording
Today after 10am in Swedish Radio P4 Radio Östergötland, Tivolisaga leads Olle Petersson and Linnéa Källström are invited together with my co-writer Johan Pettersson, who directed the original production, to talk about the cast album. Olle and Linnéa will also sing two songs live on air!

Official Tivolisaga website:

Buy the cast album from iTunes:


Bull Rider Boy out today!
Bull Rider Boy
My 2015 film soundtrack Bull Rider Boy is finally released! It was written for the film Varför (Why?) by Marcus André and Jessica Svensson, which shows poverty in Europe in the 21st century seen through the eyes of a young Bulgarian man begging in the streets of Sweden. The music is instrumental and gypsy flavoured, featuring instruments like clarinet, violin, accordion, cimbalom and balalaika.

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Tivolisaga (Original Swedish Cast Recording)
Tivolisaga - Original Swedish Cast Recording
Tivolisaga - Original Swedish Cast Recording is finally released! Tivolisaga (Carnival Tale) is the musical I wrote together with Johan Pettersson and that we premiered in 2013 at Arbisteatern in Norrköping, Sweden, to a 10-minute standing ovation from the sold-out theatre. The recording features the original cast with some alterations.

Featuring Linnéa Källström (Judy), Olle Petersson (Punch), Mathias Blad (Stormen/Tempest), Christian Zell (The Priest) and many more.

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New single - Let the Sunlight In
Let The Sunlight In (Extended Radio Edit)
Let The Sunlight In (Extended Radio Edit) is released today! It's a totally new mix of the 2011 song with new drums.
Read more here

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Finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest
Hajimete no Kimochi (The First Feeling in My Life) has been selected as a Finalist for the Los Angeles CineFest! I can't contain my excitement over the positive feedback the film is getting all over the world. I'm really proud to have been part of its creation.

Watch trailer with English subtitles here:


Audience Award and Best Short Film Nominee
Happy to announce that we won the Audience Award at Linkage Short Film Festival for Hajimete no Kimochi! Two weeks before it was also nominated for Best Short Film at Isesaki Short Film Festival.


London showcase of 'Colette'
As I have mentioned on social media, today we are doing a 20-minute showcase in London of our new musical COLETTE, about the life of French writer Colette. The showcase will take place at the Crazy Coqs cabaret stage at Brasserie Zedel. 'Colette' has lyrics by Danusia Iwaszko and Rachel Dawick, and music by me. It's written as part of the BML workshop where we just finished our second year. BML is modeled after the Lehman Angel BMI Workshop in New York, and is the UK's only workshop for musical theatre writing.


Hajimete no Kimochi
Hajimete no Kimochi is a Japanese short film I did the music for recently. It's based on a poem by Shuntaro Tanikawa, who has published over 60 books of poetry, and features narration by singer Aoi Teshima. Directed, filmed and edited by Kazuma Yano. The total playing time of my minimalist music is 7 minutes, using mainly piano and cello with a few other sounds added.


The film will premiere on 23 December at the Ashiya Tearful Cinema Festival in Japan.


Songwriting Award
I have just received the Löf Foundation Culture Award for my songwriting achievements for musical theatre. They were amazed at the scope and quality of my work (I now have over 500 songs registered with STIM, the Swedish performing rights society) and gave a special mention of my song lyrics.


New single out now!
My 13th single Difficult (Impossible Remix) is released next week, but is already available from my bandcamp page, featuring Peter Asplund's classic jazz trumpet from the original 2007 album Blissa nova.

Get the song from iTunes:
Difficult (Impossible Remix)


12th single out now
Love This World
My 12th single Love This World is released today! It's a totally new recording of the song from my 2013 album Beautiful Place, in a new slower tempo, new time-signature (4/4 instead of 6/8) and in 432hz instead of 440hz tuning. I posted some background story on my blog.

This song is a slow-motion mantra for a more peaceful world:

I love this world
It's a perfect world
I love this world
It's a peaceful world

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New single released today
Changes Changes (Nujabes Tribute Remix)
Changes Changes (Nujabes Tribute Remix) is released today! It's a remix of the 2013 acoustic 'haiku song' from Beautiful Place in a remix in memory of Japanese DJ and producer Nujabes (1974-2010).
Read more here

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Compilation album to be titled 'Aurora'
The compilation album where 11 female singers from around the world interpret my songs will probably be called Aurora - The Songs of J.C. Schütz.

The fantastic singers are (in no particular order):

Eloisia (Brazil/France)
Alissa Sanders (USA)
Vanessa Pinheiro (Brazil)
Maria Rylander (Sweden)
Adriana Miki (Brazil/Portugal)
Chihiro (Japan)
Helena Soluna (Sweden)
Louice Ottosson (Sweden)
Heléne Blad (Sweden)
Maya (Japan)
Nina Ripe (Sweden)

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Composer at the BML workshop
I have been admitted as a composer to the BML workshop in London, aimed at developing and nurturing new British musical theatre writing. The first session is today at RADA Studios, and the workshop will continue until December. BML stands for BOOK Music & Lyrics, and is sponsored by, among others, Arts Council England, Mercury Musical Developments and The Noel Coward Foundation.


Unreleased songs from the past 20 years
To celebrate the fact that I have now written 500 songs, I will post one unreleased song a day on my facebook page until New Year's Eve.
The first song is The Best I Can Do from 1994, featuring me playing the harmonica as well as all the other instruments.


All 10 singles available from iTunes
Finally, all my 10 singles are available from iTunes, including the three ones in Swedish from 2009. Together with my 5 albums, that's totally 15 releases.

Check them out over at iTunes:


I'm Here - New single!
Today my new single I'm Here is released. Or, actually, pre-released. It will be on iTunes and other sites from next Monday. It's the favorite song of many of my fans, and so I give you a completely new, acoustic version!

Available here:


In a poetic moment I signed up for Instagram.
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No news is good news
I know I haven't posted any news for some time, but as they say: No news is good news!
If you follow me on twitter and facebook, you already know that I am working on a couple of new albums and productions. Hope to be able to share more with you soon. I have also moved to the UK.


Live at Paris Book Fair
I will perform three days at the Paris Book Fair (Salon du livre de Paris) together with Brazilian singer Eloisia.

20 March, 17:00
21 March, 16:00
22 March, 16:00

Eloisia - vocals
Me - guitar & vocals


Music for documentary
I'm currently composing and recording music for a documentary movie. It's directed and filmed by my friends Marcus André and Jessica Svensson, and will show the everyday life of a Bulgarian beggar-turned-friend of mine. In Bulgaria he can not get employment because of the discrimination of roma people, so he came here to beg in the streets.

They will go with him to Bulgaria and try to understand what makes people travel thousands of miles to sit in the streets to beg. A trailer with my music will be posted soon.

You can help crowdfund their trip:


New single - Möten och avsked
Möten och avsked
My new single is my Swedish translation of Milton Nascimento's classic Brazilian ballad Encontros e Despedidas, recorded in Tokyo with the same fantastic musicians that played on my 2013 album Beautiful Place.

Kazuya Saka - grand piano
Show Kudo - bass
Kaoru Suzuki - drums
Me - vocals & cavaquinho


Read more on my blog:


C'est La Vie - Swedish version
Finally! The Swedish version of my 2009 album C'est La Vie - 11 sånger på svenska is finally available online, with ALL songs in Swedish.

Also available as CD.

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New anti-racism single
Today, September 5, I release a new single called Det kunde lika gärna varit vi (It could just as well have been us), a samba-reggae song in Swedish against racism, nationalism, hate and violence.



Duet single release
Today, May 20, Brazilian singer Vanessa Pinheiro and I release a duet single of my song I Guess It's Ok performed in two languages, English and Portuguese. It's a new version of the song from my C'est La Vie album, but with jazz piano trio and strings, plus my regular acoustic guitar.

Here is the music video, with scenes from the 1914 movie Cinderella:



Extended again
We have extended the running of RENT until April 14, to give everyone the chance to see it. The public demand is amazing, and the response and reviews have been fabulous. Here is the new facebook event:


RENT is a success, and all shows apart from one have been sold out. Therefore, we have added 6 new performances to the schedule between March 23-31. Don't miss this!

Facebook event page:


RENT will open on 2 March!
RENT will open on 2 March, 2014, at Skandiateatern in central Norrköping, and we will do performances until the end of March.

Facebook page:


The musical RENT
We have just started rehearsing a new Swedish production of RENT at Skandiateatern in Norrköping. The premiere is planned to February 2014. Director is Johan Pettersson, with whom I wrote and co-produced Tivolisaga earlier this year. Producer is Robin Karlsson (for Arbis nytta och nöje), and choreographer is Elin Hultberg, who also worked with us for Tivolisaga. More information is coming soon.

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Beautiful Place music video


Beautiful Place - my 5th album, will finally be released on July 28, from IDEE Records (Japan). The 49-minute album (12 songs), even includes a cover version of Over the Rainbow, one of my favorite songs ever!

I'll keep you posted on the news!

Beautiful Place


Premiere of our new musical
Tivolisaga -- [Traveling] Carnival Tale -- is the title of a musical I have written in collaboration with Johan Pettersson. It will premiere at Arbisteatern, Norrköping, Sweden, on August 24!

We've started a production blog in Swedish:


New website up!
Just updated this website completely. As always, let me know what you think!


Japan radio
J-WAVE, TOKYO FM, KAMAKURA FM and radio in FUKUOKA have all been playing my Christmas song, and this week Japan FM Network, JFN, will play it every morning in OH!HAPPY MORNING, broadcast all over Japan!


Music video is online
Today, 32 years after the death of John Lennon, Christmas Time (We can change the world) is posted on youtube. It's based on a Nobel Peace Prize nominated cartoon called "Peace on Earth". Please share the link and spread the love!


iTunes Store and others
Today my new song is released worldwide on iTunes Store and several other sites. Spotify, Amazon mp3, and others will follow.

Christmas Time

iTunes Store
CD Baby


Christmas single release
Next week I will release a Christmas single! It features 12 of my friends from all over the world singing backing vocals! The theme is hopeful, in times of economic recession where people tend to blame the ethnically different for problems within the country. Sweden and several other countries have right-wing fascist parties in the parliaments, and this song is my reaction. Let's keep it together. Don't give in to fear. We all have the same wishes and dreams, no matter our ethnical and cultural background.


New album postponed
Unfortunately my 5th album is postponed until early Spring 2013. Please enjoy the samples on my blog while you wait.
Release date will be announced later.


Tokyo FM
Today I did a live performance in Tokyo FM's morning program Blue Ocean, previously announced on my blog, twitter and facebook. I was invited to talk about me and my life and music and to sing 2 songs live!

Blue Ocean website
Tokyo FM's Facebook page


TV Tokyo
Next Thursday, July 12, I will make my first appearance in Japanese TV! I think it's a kind of travel program (?) led by comedian Dancho Yasuda (from Yasuda Dai Circus), and we recorded the scene with my acoustic live performance last week at 8.Cafe in Fujisawa, southwest of Tokyo.

TV Tokyo, channel 7
Date: Thursday July 12
Time: 11:35 AM
Be sure you don't miss this!


New album
The new album, my fifth, will possibly be titled LOVE THIS WORLD, and has an earthy, organic sound. The 8 songs are my most philosophical so far. Songs included: A smile will take you far, Peace is the way, Changes changes, I learned to be me, Piece of myself, From here (my first time to perform a song with only voice and piano), Don't fight the flow (inspired by my favourite book, SIDDHARTHA by Hermann Hesse), and the title song Love This World.


'Rendez-Vous Voyage' release event on March 20
The release event for the compilation RENDEZ-VOUS VOYAGE will take place on Tuesday, March 20 at Aoyama Francfranc. I will play a few songs at 18:30, and have a little talk session with Rachel Chan. Start 18:00.

Rendez-vous website


J-Wave Rendez-Vous compilation album
My song 'I Love You' is to be included on a Japanese compilation CD called RENDEZ-VOUS VOYAGE, with music played in J-Wave's weekday programme Rendez-Vous, hosted by Rachel Chan. Including songs from all over the world, the most famous artists included are Elza Soares and Cesar Camargo Mariano who are both featured on a song by Banda Black Rio. Release is March 21.

Rendez-vous website (Japanese)
Rachel Chan's blog (Japanese)
Tower Records


New album
A second Peacebird album is scheduled for release in June 2012! It will be recorded in March in Tokyo, with Kazuya Saka (piano), Show Kudo (bass), Kaoru Suzuki (drums) and me (vocals/guitar/cavaquinho).


Most played foreign song
I'm speechless... No, 'Slow Down' wasn't the most played song in Japanese FM radio, and I wasn't the most played artist. But it was the most played foreign song during all October!!!


Second most played artist!
'Slow Down' has been among the most played songs all month in Japanese FM radio (Tokyo and Kansai), but Wednesday this week (26 October) I was also ranked the second most played artist, regardless of song! Only Hall & Oates had more plays.


Interviewed by SVT - Swedish national TV!
The news of the heavy airplay in Japan reached Sweden yesterday as I was called up and interviewed by Kulturnyheterna, the daily program for culture news in Swedish national TV (SVT).


Among the 3 most played songs all week!
'Slow Down' was among the 3 most played songs all week from Monday on Tokyo and Kansai FM radio, including FM802 in Osaka. Tuesday and Friday it was number one!


'Slow Down' most played song!
'Slow Down' most played song yesterday on Tokyo and Osaka FM radio, which means two of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world!


'Peacebird' CD released today!
Listen here.


Heavy rotation on Japanese radio
FM Gunma and FM802 in Osaka first stations to put my song 'Slow Down' on Heavy Rotation during all October!


'Peacebird' album of the week in morning radio
The morning program Oh!Happy Morning at Japan FM Network will play 'Slow Down' every morning this week, and is broadcast all over Japan (except Tokyo)!


'Peacebird' released on iTunes Japan today (Day of Peace)
Today is United Nation's International Day Of Peace. A perfect day for Pre-release of the album on iTunes Japan. Release worldwide and in CD/record stores is October 5.


'Pickin' Up The Pieces' (official video) from 'Peacebird'


'Hold On Now' released today in support of Red Cross Japan
Download single released today. All revenues are donated to Red Cross Japan after the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami.

Peacebird: Hold On Now