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Picture In Black And White

(Retrato em branco e preto)
Lyrics & music by Antonio Carlos Jobim/Chico Buarque
English lyrics by Johan Christher Schütz
© Arlequim Editora Musical Ltda. (São Paulo, Brasil)

I've been walking down this road before
I know it leads to nothing more
I've learnt each secret hue and shade
I know every cobble-stone by heart
Lined up so close, but kept apart
I'll end up there on that parade
If I don't come across the light
That is so easily destroyed
With all our fears that we avoid
But that continues to attract
So we're dressing up as to surpass
The faded photos from the past
To keep the memories intact

Like a fool I'm walking here anew
To find the sadness after you
That made me tired with concern
New days of despair bring endless nights
Where words and letters are my lights
But all the time I must return
To writing back to you to say:
This is a sin, a big mistake
It leaves a trail of bitter ache
To think about us both back then
Every little sonnet that I write
Is like a picture in black and white
That breaks my battered heart again

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