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Lyrics & music by Edu Lobo/Chico Buarque
English lyrics by Johan Christher Schütz
© Lobo Music/Marola Edições

Perhaps she's a young girl
Perhaps broken-hearted
Perhaps it's a painting,
a moment unguarded –
The actress's face
Is this the seventh heaven where she'll dance?
What if she thinks she's in a foreign place?
Is that a crayon drawing in her hands?
What if there were a way to make her see me?

Perhaps she's inspired
Perhaps she's forgetting
Perhaps it's all madness
and only a setting –
The actress's place
What if she's living on the hundredth floor
And if the walls just go without a trace?
What if she cries behind a hotel door?
What if there were a way to make her see me?

Please, take me with you forever, Beatrice
Teach me how to walk without touching the ground
Eternity's always a step away
Now say, are there disasters waiting to be found?
Say we're safe if happiness leads us astray

Perhaps she'll be famous
Perhaps it's the lighting
Her comedy blinds us,
Divine and exciting –
The actress's grace
What if one day she falls out of the sky
And if her patrons go on with their praise?
What if the archangel steps down to cry?
What if there were a way to make her see me?

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Beatriz (English version) piano demo