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Caged Birds

Lyrics & music by Johan Christher Schütz

Agora abro a gaiola
Você faz como quiser
Obrigado por tudo

I can understand your doubt
I know what it's about
I feel the same disorder
But is everything so dead
That life hangs by a thread?
Where do you draw the border?

You and I have something they can't touch
Like the sky - impossible to clutch
Let them try - we'll never take their fake words
You and I have something they can't strain
We'll get by - we're both immune to pain
And that's why we'll never be enchained
Like caged birds

This world seems to insecure
When less and less is sure
There's so much to desire
I have carved my love in stone
At least we're not alone
Here in the line of fire

Fly now!
Don't be scared to try your wings
Listen to your heart and follow where it flings
You can tell a bird is happy when it sings

You and I ...

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