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Be For Real

Lyrics & music by Johan Christher Schütz

It's so empty
And I'm thumbing through the pictures of your laughter
I'm unfocused almost as if it would be the morning after
When the hours seem like years that never end

And the message
That you left, you know I never could delete it
Yes, I'm crazy, what's the news? I need your madness
to complete it
It's so perfect that it's hard to comprehend

But if it's true
That time will heal just as they say
Then I will live my life from day to day
And be dependent on a worn cliché
So if it's true
That there's no wound too big to heal
Then there's no earthly love too big to feel
You have to open up your heart
To be for real

Yes, I've missed you
And I'm glad you don't know how my head's been spinning
How can something wrong feel so miraculous
from the beginning?
Now the fragrance of your hair returns again

But if it's true ...

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