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I Came From Bahia

(Eu vim da Bahia)
Lyrics & music by Gilberto Gil
English lyrics by Johan Christher Schütz
© Preta Music, Inc. (USA)

I came
I came from Bahia to sing
I came from Bahia to bring out
the beauty it left within me
This is where my heart always will be
With my land, with my sky and my sea
My Bahia is here to let us learn
to live our life without concern

It's where people don't have food to eat
But we're friendly and happy to greet you
with hope and with faith
We know that the arms of the saints
keep us safe
and help us to sing and take pride
When we dance samba they're on our side
When we're dying of joy
In street celebrations,
In rhythmical glee
And in moon contemplations
At the edge of the sea

I came from Bahia
But I'm gonna return
I came from Bahia
One of these days I'm gonna return

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