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Reach The Top

Lyrics & music by Johan Christher Schütz

My mountain was too steep to climb
Or I was not prepared to fall
I stumbled on my feet each time
I tried to stake a stand
But stubborn as I am
I refused to see the clues
Though I held them in my hand
And they left me with a bruise

And each uncertain step I took
Could never seem to get me right
But desperate as a worm on a hook
I tried in every way
And suddenly I found
(And I'm quite ashamed to say)
That my map was upside-down
And had led me astray

So I turned around
And I heard the sound
Of music pouring like a fountain
Imagine my surprise
When I realised
That all this time
I'd tried to climb
The wrong mountain

But now I have hit a winning streak
And this time I'll aim at the proper peak
No, this time I'm not gonna stop
Before I reach the top

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