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All Because Of You

Lyrics & music by Johan Christher Schütz

It's all because of you
And how you make me live again
Because of how we speak
Of life and death and love and sin
You make me think of words
I never knew I knew
My fears all flew
Because of you

It's all because of you
And everything you say to me
Because of how your melancholy eyes
Don't stray from me
Now we're on our way
to something new anew
I know what's true
Because of you

You have cured my pain
Relieved me of the ball and chain
That I'd picked up along the road
I'll return your care
You've suffered more than you can bear
So let me help you with your load

It's just because of you
That I can lay back and relax
Because of how you knock down
My facade with gentle cracks
We both know how it hurts
When a heart goes black and blue
I see the hues
Because of you
Because of you

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