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There's Only You

Lyrics & music by Johan Christher Schütz

It's way
Beyond my comprehension
In effortless dimension
But hey!
Now I forgot to mention
That it's you
There's only you

It's far
Above all oscillation
A star,
A constant constellation
You are
My only inspiration
Yes, it's you
There's only you

The leaves float down
And the colours soon fade to brown
All that's left is the tapping sound
Of a calm October rain falling quietly

The sun breaks through
And the sky shows a patch of blue
This is all that I want to do
Just to be here with you
There's only you

I've tried
From every single angle
But I
Am perfectly entangled
So why
Escape when I'm so tranquil
Here with you
There's only you
Yes you
There's only you

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